Was having a little debate in my head on what topic to write for my blog. I have been writing a blog since maybe 10 years ago or so but it has always been private, so i could write whatever....
we were all young and stupid once

Since i am planning to make this stay public, i guess i have to think about what is in it for you guys too, right?

So a few nights ago, i lost it with M for the first time.
well maybe a couple more times than i care to admit I flicked him like quite hard. We were both half asleep and i have been feeding him for almost 2 hours already! My back is hurting and he cant stop pinching my other nipple. Such a twiddler this one. It annoys the crap out of me! Everytime! 

So yeah. Kena jentik la apa lagi. 

He was shocked that i did that, and started crying and i tried to pacify him. He sobbed to sleep.
and i sobbed too right next to him
I lay awake and couldnt help but feeling a little bad of what i did. Am i selfish? Should i be more patient?
i am no saint How am i supposed to teach him the right from
wrong, how am i supposed to parent since there's so many opposing way to do it, too many confusing school of thoughts. I read them all.
i get more confuse than ever  
So here's a few tips i've tried to make him stop grabbing my other boob while  feeding: 

1) give him toys - it backfires because he dropped those on my face, and his.

2) wear bra to sleep - well this works, but aint nobody like to wear bra to sleep! 

3) teach him how to play with my hair, face, fingers instead - nope, he goes straight to boobs. 

4) give him micro-fibre towel - this is my mom's idea actually, haven't tried it, but will let u know how it goes. 

Do u dislike it when your little one's little finger pinched and twiddled too? If yes what did u do? Share with with me your story.

My handsome son at 1 year old.

Hello everyone ! 

I have always wanted a place to document my life as a wife and a mom and i'd love to share it with you guys. 

My interest includes all-things-babies, attachment parenting, gardening, belly-dancing, horses, cooking, running and business. 

My first son was born in May 2014 after a year trying. My husband was kind enough to let me stay home with my son for the first year. He's 1.5 years old and i am now easing my way back to workforce. I cant wait for my baby to let my boobs free, please God dont let him be sucking on my tits till he goes to preschool

I wish i had started this blog much earlier but i sure am not the most graceful first time mama so yeah, good thing comes to those who wait they say... :) 

I hope you enjoy browsing and do say hi to me sometime.

Till later !

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